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Work hard, play hard. And then there is Denny. Don’t think any of us can keep up with the WOLT (World’s Oldest Living Teenager). The Rockerfeller of our time, Denny’s generosity has impacted and improved the quality of lives of so many on our Miracle Coast and around the globe. From boardrooms to dancefloors, to dancing atop floats in Rio at Carnaval, Denny shows us all what it means to live life to the fullest. The funny stories hanging out with this man are endless… like the time Nico and I looked like robbers picking up a five foot gingerbread house from his house. It has been an amazing opportunity opening the BellaV and the Sanford COnsortium. And well… without Denny, there’d be no BellaV. So I think we can all say THANK YOU T. Denny Sanford… your gift has given us the gift of a strong and connected community.

T. Denny Sanford


The definition of the term “Godfather” is "a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization." I think we can all agree that this name is so fitting for San Diego’s most influential civic leader- Malin Burnham. Malin was instrumental in establishing the Burnham Institute and what we know today as the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Research Institute. Without his suave and persuasive skills, we wouldn’t have known Denny and we wouldn’t be here today. Personally, Malin has been an amazing mentor, endorsing our vision for the Miracle Coast. I’m proud to call him my “godfather.” For the record, this man not only helped shape the San Diego city civic landscape, he has got some killer moves on the dance floor. Trust me. He owned it at Denny’s 82nd. We salute our city’s perfect gentleman.

Mahlin Burnham

The International Man of Mystery

Like most amazing people we meet at the BellaV, Patrick just happened to walk up those stairs and into our life. With an infectious laugh and heart of gold, we became instant friends. And as we gradually learned more and more of just how intelligent and business minded this entrepreneur really was. Patrick likes to fly under the radar… and you just never know which country he is in, hence the name. Perhaps one of my favorite stories is the a group of us hopped on his private jet to Santa Monica for drinks and the opportunity to learn about how he helps organizations save billions. Arriving back at the Palomar Airport Executive terminal, he says “Oh hold on I left my car keys on the jet!” Now that’s a line that belongs in a movie. Want to connect with this International Man of mystery? Pop into the BellaV, We might just hook it up.

Patrick Ingram


Before there was the BellaV, there was Stephane Richard and French-Bio Beach. Talk about a master of networking. This Frenchie lights up any room and is always the life of the party. Find him and his French crew here every second Friday at our Sunset Hour sipping rose. Equally impressive, he helped spearhead San Diego's leading precision medicine company CureMatch, serving as its first CEO. Fun fact about Steph and the BellaV? Our companies were featured the same day in the SD Business Journal. We still laugh about how both our noses fit on that front page.

Stephane Richard


You always know you’re going to hear fantastic insider stories when you see Steve Chapple whizzing in on his bike at the BellaV. Complete with suit, no tie and blue suede shoes, he is one swanky fella. Steve is a fixture at the BellaV on any given Friday. Steve runs Intellectual Capital, an independent national column on game changing people and ideas. He brings to the table success stories and how these people made it, while others flailed. You can read his column in the SD Union Tribune and find his videos on his website. Steve also moonlights as a visiting scholar at Scripps Institute of Oceanography where he is completing a book with co-author and marine ecologist Dr. Jeremy Jackson. Steve is leading the pack in the STEAM Leadership lecture series. Did I mention he is also a screenplay writer? Let’s be honest, this man is fascinating.

Steve Chapple


Do you believe in love at first site? When the lovely Preet breezed up the stairs and through the cafe, we all fell in love. Preet established herself as a renowned painter in New York and has had galleries in both Europe and the Caribbean. She has returned to San Diego to raise her son in the picturesque city she grew up in. Preet has a deep connection to La Jolla, having owned her own restaurant and art gallery years prior in Bird Rock. She now finds inspiration on the terrace at the BellaV, overlooking the bluffs and Glider Port of Torrey Pines and Blacks Beach. We are thrilled the wind blew her our way, as she now hosts a Drink & Draw Series monthly, guiding students to realize their true artistic vibe.

Preet Srivastava

Marty and I met atop Symphony Towers. A few minutes chatting with the man and I was smitten. And then I learned that he was an inventor… and oh you know, is known as “the inventor of the cell phone!” Say what? My mentor at the time was also attending the event, and her work with Nobel Prize winner Mohammed Yunis was based on the power of cellular communication technology. Talk about a once in a lifetime intro! From then, Marty stopped by the BellaV for an interview and a beautiful friendship has unfolded. He was a featured guest speaker at our Global Empowerment Summit. Marty doesn’t miss a beat and has been spotted at our notorious anniversary parties with his beloved wife Arlene raking in the chips at the casino tables. It has been an honor meeting and getting to know this creative mind. And yes, he does have a pretty sweet phone.

Marty Cooper


The first time we saw Senator Atkins speak my colleagues and I were floored. Boom. Mic drop. The sincerity with which she spoke struck a chord deep in the entire crowd that day. Senator Atkins is a genuine leader who cares deeply for all citizens. We were honored when this powerhouse agreed to be the Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Global Empowerment Summit that took place here at the Sanford Consortium. In 2018, Senator Atkins became the first woman to lead the legislature’s upper house. Senator Atkins and her staff have been incredibly supportive of female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her office also recognized the BellaV on its 5th Anniversary. We were so excited to receive a proclamation signed by San Diego’s political pioneer. What a beacon for young women everywhere.

Toni Atkins


You might have seen this local legend on every bus and billboard for Rady School of Management. A true treasure to the UCSD and Torrey Pines Mesa Community, she puts the "Miracle" in Miracle Coast. Silvia is Founder of Hera Fund and Hera Angels and a catalyst for female entrepreneurs. You can find Ms. Mah on any given day power lunching or hosting a networking event at the BellaV. She is a true supporter of female owned business in SD. And we are SO excited for her new role as President & COO of CONNECT. Silvia Mah… we’re not worthy!

Silvia Mah


Known as the founder of the Science Network, you might not know that Mr. Bingham has won numerous accolades for his work, including 7 Emmys! Roger was one of the BellaV's earliest supporters and introduced us to many of the movers and shakers that make up the Mesa. If you haven't had a deep intellectual conversation with this English gentleman, you have not truly experienced what is the Bella Vista Social Club.

Roger Bingham


For those who had the honor to meet or spend time with Walter, you know that he was pure magic. Known as the “Einstein of the Oceans”, Walter played an integral role in founding Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Walter and his wife helped shaped SIO, its the pride and joy of La Jolla and UC San Diego. Among a lifetime of achievements, Walter is also credited with helping our Allied troops during landings in North Africa and on D-Day during the Normandy invasion. In 2016, we got to chat at a private event he had hosted for the Kyoto Prize. Little did I know, that I’d been in that very same house, his home, twenty years prior in 1996 for a special event while attending a summer school in politics and media course with UC San Diego. Funny how life came full circle. And later that year, one of the greatest moments, was introducing my son Leo to this local legend. Admired and revered, he will me missed. And we love having this dish in his honor.

Walter Munk


Congressman Scott Peters and his entire staff have been huge supporters of the BellaV. Whether crossing paths at our nation’s capital, or home in San Diego, Congressman Peters has always been available to speak about the concerns of small business owners in our community. Congressman Peters represents the 52nd district which includes La Jolla and Barrio Sorrento (Sorrento Valley). He plays a vital role in helping support the scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs on our Miracle Coast.

Scott Peters


From police chief, to mayor, to president and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, this man has San Diego’s best interest at heart. We first met Jerry when slingin’ Swieners at the ribbon cutting for Thorn St. Brewery in North Park. A few years later I said “Jerry, you are going to be a featured speaker at our Networking night.” And wouldn’t you know it… He was the MC. Since then, the BellaV has been a proud member of the SD Regional Chamber, attending trips and hosting a killer Circle of Influences event on our ocean view terrace. We are so thankful to his entire team his support helped propel our cafe to become the “must see” spot on the Mesa. And a shout out to Jerry for speaking yet again at our five year anniversary. “Release the doves.”

Jerry Sanders


Known around here as the sexiest couple ever to host salsa nights in San DIego, Maria & Tony Caligagan. These two have been teaching UCSD students for over two decades the art of Latin dance. They have put so much passion into building an amazing community of dancers, giving students an outlet to express themselve outside of the academic classroom. I met this couple back in 1996. Yep, Tony was my first dance teacher at UC San Diego, fall quarter Freshman year. It is amazing how life has come full circle. If you haven’t been to one of their salsa & bachata classes up on our terrace during sunset hour, you are missing out! So come get your groove on and meet one of our city’s hottest pairs.

Maria & Tony Caligagan


Almost ten years ago, I was slingin’ Swieners at Green Flash Brewing Co. when this tall tall man handed me the most intriguing card that read “The Global Patriot.” Who knew that years later we would re connect. Only this time, Mark was the producer of TedX San Diego and I was now known as the hostess with the mostest at a social club called the BellaV. Mark Lovett is a breath of fresh air and his positive outlook on life is infectious. A master at storytelling, everytime he walks in I know that he will share about one of his incredible finds- an up and coming local visioneer. His mission is to find innovative ideas that lead to great social impact. Bringing us the great minds, he is also leaving quite a legacy.

Mark Lovett


Karen is the creative mind behind the SALK Science & Music series. This concert series brings us up close and intimate with world class musicians. Leo and I have attended several performances over the past few years, taking in astounding performances of such talented artists from the front row! Karen is also a musical genius in her own right- giving mesmerizing piano performances on her favorite Steinway #191. Remember that epic surprise performance at the SALK Symphony in 2014 by former SALK president Bill Brody? Yep, Karen was his piano instructor. She's the REAL DEAL. Love our house dressing? So does Karen Davis. A huge supporter of the BellaV over the years, Karen was first to encourage us to "bottle that dressing!"

Karen Davis


Our knight in shining armour, Loui fought tirelessly to make the Sanford Consortium a reality. You can find him enjoying wine and tapas during sunset hour, after a long days work as Chief Admin and CFO of SBP Medical Discovery Institute, which is a mouthful. Loui played a key role in securing a $43 million grant from CIRM. While he has a long list of accomplishments, it is laughing with him during Sunset Hour over a glass of pinot and some tapas that we truly relish. This man is pure comedy. We are thrilled to have him back in town!

Louie Coffman


A man walks into a social club… Hmmmm… I swear I’ve seen this guy before. I keep circling… “Hi… I swear I know you. Don’t know from where… but give me a few minutes and I’ll figure it out.” Well we did finally figure out how we knew each other. Navid and I both attended UC San DIego and maaaaaaaaybe a few of the same parties as well. We had a great laugh and the fun hasn’t stopped. Let’s just say his social skills in college helped lead to his success in the professional world. Navid has established himself as quite the VC here in town. As co-founder and managing partner of Analytics Ventures, a firm launching AI focused companies, he has become a key player in our San Diego tech scene. It has been amazing watching Navid’s ventures take off. Whether in Dubai, London, Paris, Boston, SF, Chicago, or LA, Navid has a passion for helping start ups realize their full potential and his portfolio rightfully earns him the title “L’Investisseur.”

Navid Alipour

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