Join our Social Club and regain what you've been missing

When the pandemic hit, it struck us that living in the very streets we live in there are so many people we had never met. It’s a sad phenomenon that can be witnessed time and time again throughout our great nation. We don’t even know who we’re living next to.

So rather than lament this sad fact we decided to do something about it by creating the worlds first local social club.


Our ever growing social club community is a safe way to enjoy an evening of interesting conversation while staying safe and helping our fellow Americans.

  • Meet someone new while dining at home
  • Strike up interesting conversations instead of watching Netflix
  • Set up a subscription to our nutritious rebuild America menu, delivered every week to your door
  • Meet your next employer or employee in a social setting
  • Meet your neighbors, learn about their lives and their challenges

You never know who you'll meet!

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